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The Preliminary Beekeeping Course will be delivered at locations throughout Northern Ireland, as shown in the table below, by local Beekeeping Associations affiliated to the Ulster Beekeepers’ Association (UBKA) in association with DARD’s College of Agriculture,

Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE).

This Preliminary Beekeeping course is aimed at those with an interest in, or who may be thinking about keeping bees, but have not yet attended a course. It covers the basics of beekeeping from setting up an apiary and acquiring bees to health & safety, hive management, swarm control, disease control and honey production. The minimum age for candidates participating in these courses is 16 years old.

The course will run for 10 sessions, one per week, normally commencing in January 2018.

There will be 7 evening classroom sessions followed by three practical beekeeping sessions in the apiary in late April/early May when it becomes possible to manipulate bees.

The course provides the opportunity of achieving a Preliminary Certificate of Proficiency in

Beekeeping awarded by the Federation of Irish Beekeepers’ Associations.

The course fee is £110 which includes the examination fee & 1yrs DBKA membership.

The contents of the course include:

• Manipulation of a colony of honeybees.

• Understanding the construction of hives and siting colonies in an apiary.

• Natural history of the honeybee and colony structure.

• Examination of the colonies cyclical calendar.

• Examination of colony diseases and signs of pests or poisoning

• Harvesting honey from the colony.

The Preliminary course examination will be held in May 2018 - date to be confirmed.


Course Locations and Contacts Local Beekeeping Associations (BKA’s) affiliated to the Ulster Beekeepers’ Association

(UBKA), will deliver the 2018 Preliminary Beekeeping Course at locations throughout Northern Ireland.

DBKA Course held in Dromore High School Scientific room by Robert McCreery

Course  Content 2018 / 2019 dates to be confirmed.....

Class 1.  Hives & frames and Occupants of the hive. (Jan 27th)

Class 2. The Apiary and Starting with bees. (Feb 3rd)

Class 3. Foraging and Feeding & feeders (Feb 10th)

Class 4. Brood Diseases and harvesting the crop.(Feb 24th)

Class 5. Swarming and harvesting the crop. (Mar 3rd)

Class 6. Beeswax and Diseases of Adult bees (Mar 10th)

Class 7. Exhibiting hive products and Honey, “the inside story” (Mar 24th)

Class 8. Practical –Preparation for exam (Mutual agreement) 

Class 9. Practical- Preparation for exam (Mutual agreement)

Class 10. Practical (Mutual agreement)


Robert McCreery

165 Ballymoney Road,


BT32 4HW


tel 028 4062 6104

Complete the application form and send together with the £100 course fee to the contact at the Association venue of your choice.

Courses will be filled on a first come first served basis 2018 PRELIMINARY BEEKEEPING COURSE delivered by:

Dromore Beekeepers  Association together with Ulster Beekeepers’ Association (UBKA) and College of Africulture, Food and Rural Enterprises (CAFRE).


 To apply for preliminary course please print out application form, complete and return to Robert McCreery.